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If you’re thinking of buying a rental property in San Jose be sure to review the Ellis Act and the new ordinances that have been recently added.  On Tuesday, April 18th, on a narrow 6-5 vote, the San Jose City Council imposed new restrictions on the rights of rental property owners.  The new regulations include a “Just Cause” ordinance and payment of relocation expenses for renters in rent controlled apartments.

So what exactly is a “Just Cause”?  The council proposed the following 12 possible reasons for evicting a tenant.  Landlords must not only provide a reason but they must provide documentation to back it up.

  1. Nonpayment of rent
  2. Material or Habitual lease violation
  3. Damage to the apartment
  4. Refusal to sign a new agreement
  5. Nuisance behavior
  6. Refusing access to the apartment
  7. Unapproved holdover subtenant
  8. Substantial rehabilitation
  9. Ellis Act Removal
  10. Owner move-in
  11. Order to vacate
  12. Vacation of unpermitted apartment

The updates to the Ellis act can be found at  http://bit.ly/Ellis-SJ1  and http://bit.ly/Ellis-SJ2

The “Just Cause” ordinance and can found at http://bit.ly/TPOD2D8


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